Millard High - Mr. Anderson - Earth Systems


Core assignments

the following is a set of assignments that follow the core curriculum. Students will be asked to create a research paper for each of the criteria. Grading will be done based on the completion of the criteria, completeness, neatness and layout, and interest factor. The grading is purely subjective, meaning that I will only read part of them, but will give a grade based on this. Any plagerism on the part of the student will result in a "0" grade for the assignent. There will be deadlines for the assignment and if it is missed, the assignment is only worth 1/2 of the original value. A bibiliograpy is required with the paper and the paper should have at least 2 sources. The students willbe expected to stay busy during the class period and will be docked points if they do not do so. I encourage the students to complete the work as soon as possible

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